Seniors Become Teachers

Back in November,  students in Grades 9, 11, and 12 spent 2 advisory meets talking about the new ISP Character Profile  (which you can view here ). However, the Grade 11 students spent both of those advisories meeting with Counselors to get the basics on Course Registrations for next year.  So the solution to the knowledge gap was for the seniors to teach the Grade 10s all about it.  Grade 10 advisories were each paired with a different senior advisory where they had prepared a mini lesson. Some advisories even used props, like the Character Profile poster which hangs in every classroom. By all accounts it was a good exercise, even a skeptic like Mr. Holt commented, "By the way, my advisory kids were very good at the thing... they just talked about their personal experiences at school with the character traits and it turned into a 'how you can use these to help you succeed next year' which was great."