Onward to High School! Counselors Share Transition Strategies

With the transition to high school comes increased choice and responsibility. Students began to prepare for this in a session led by ISP's three high school counselors.

In addition to beginning the course selection process, students also got advice on how to manage this upcoming transition. Counselor Samir Jamal shared the following advice:

1.Take the MEDUCA Diploma— it doesn’t require a lot of extra work and it will open more doors when applying to Universities around the world

2. Get your Arts credits out of the way— you require 1.0 credits (2 semesters) of Art to graduate.

3. If you’re into technology, take Technology for Innovation— it’s a gateway course to all tech courses.

4. Finish 8th grade strong— you will need this momentum for a successful start in 9th grade!

Students will have this advice in mind as they turn in their course selection forms and begin initial meetings with their counselors. It's the start of an exciting journey, and grade 8 students are well positioned to take full advantage of the support they are receiving and to start high school strong!