ISP RoboDolphins take medals at Bogota VEX Competition

In only its second year, the ISP Robotics team made metallic waves under Coach Jose Rios at the VEX Robotic Competition in Bogota this past weekend. The competition requires the robot to navigate a series of challenges in a competitive field of 3 other teams against a time limit.  After teaming up with a school from Chile. the RoboDolphins made it to the SemiFinals to lose a nailbiter overturned on a technical issue.  They will have one more chance to qualify for the Vex World  Wednesday Feb 27th at 1pm in the "Dolphin Dome"  (AKA the gym).  Our CyberDolphin Middle School team placed 4th in their division. With the combination of our AI teams and our robotics teams, someday these RoboDolphins may dream of electronic sheep.