Students Teaching Students: ISP Character Profile Comes to Life

At ISP we strive to be authentic, compassionate, independent, principled, adventurous and joyful. These Character Profile traits, articulated by the ISP community itself through a collaborative writing process last year, represent our ideals for students, teachers and other community members alike. 
Sometimes the best teachers of all are the students themselves. Eighth grade students spent two weeks in advisory preparing interactive Character Profile lessons to bring these traits to life in a fun and imaginative way. Activities included independently building and flying paper airplanes, playing hangman, acting out skits, producing and watching videos and in quizzes among others learning opportunities. 
Grade three student Anya K described what she did: "We played a categories game where we sang and clapped while sorting adventurous animals." She went on to detail why she enjoyed learning from the eighth grade students: "it was fun to listen to eighth graders instead of teachers because they are way funnier."
By assuming the role of teacher, grade eight students also got in on the learning. Student Alexander O. described this unique experience: "It was fun for us to make these activities for younger children. It gave us an opportunity to step into their point of view while helping them to learn about the ISP Character Profile traits."  
Another student that assumed the role of teacher was Diego M., who reflected that "it was a very challenging task to be able to put together something that would be able to teach the third graders, but at the same time be fun and simple. It was more fun to fill the shoes of a teacher because it was a new experience and it was fun to be around the joyful students."
We look forward to future opportunities to bring our Character Profile to life!