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The ASA program focuses on developing the skills necessary for students to achieve their full potential within their activity of choice.

In the ASA program, students can participate in a variety of activities that will vary per semester:
  • Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA): Dance, drama, painting, handcrafts, etc.
  • Academics and STEM: Science, robotics, mathematics, engineering, programming, etc.
  • Athletics: Soccer, rugby, tennis, karate, trampoline, gymnastics, etc.
If you need more specific information about our program access the ASA Program Booklet (see right-hand sidebar).
1st Semester of 2018-2019 
  • Registration: Wednesday, August 15 and closes on Friday, August 24
  • Public lottery for over-enrolled activities: Wednesday, August 29
  • Emails confirming ASA registration assignments will be sent the afternoon of Thursday, August 30
  • Start day: the week of September 3
  • The trial period ends: Friday, September 14
  • Last day: the week of December 10
Activities are organized per school (ES, MS, and HS) and area (sports, arts, STEM/academic). The ASA program generally operates from February to May and prices are based on one day of activity for the corresponding semester. Several activities are offered for more than one day per week, although participation in all days offered is not mandatory.

To register your child see right-hand sidebar. One form per student.
  • Students may be signed up for only one activity per day.
  • The form lists activities by day of the week (Monday first, Tuesday below etc.)
  • Completing the registration form does not guarantee the enrollment of any student.
  • Most activities have a maximum capacity established by the instructor and school.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent within three working days whether your child got a space or not.
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Athletics Director
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