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ISP operates a competitive sports program and an after-school activity (ASA) program. We encourage and want all students to embrace and be part of as many different experiences as possible through their time here at ISP. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide a wide range of opportunities to accomplish this.
Participation in athletics is far more than winning and losing games. At International School of Panama (ISP), we inspire our students to learn and develop through sport. Our enduring hope is that the lessons learned in the sporting arena will remain with our students for a lifetime.

We strongly believe that athletics is not separate from the educational process, but rather an integral part of it. We provide athletes with the opportunity to learn from victory and defeat through our competitive sports programs.

Philosophy, ISP, believes that diversification and involvement in a variety of Sports Activities is a good and wholesome thing. We believe that the student-athletes should not be channeled into one activity buy should be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities during the school year.

Designating sports season's length is an attempt to provide balance to the athletic calendar and to afford students an opportunity to compete in a variety of sports throughout the school year.

The ISP sports season for a school team is defined as that period begging with the opening date and extending through the school team's last game of the season to include playoff games and championship, if applicable, in a particular sport. Some varsity teams may have a slightly altered season length due to AASCA travel dates.



Participation in Leagues


Local Leagues

During the school year, we receive invitations to participate in leagues such as ADECOP, COPA TALENTO, KIWANIS, LIDECOPA, LIGA 10 and LFFJ etc. The Athletics Department will check the requirements of each league and determine if the participation in them is line with ISP's philosophy and season.

International Competitions

AASCA is our biggest priority for international competitions. The Association of American Schools in Central America offers different sports that go along with our School's competitive philosophy.


The Association of American Schools of Central America (AASCA) is a group of 26 international schools spanning six countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama) which organizes several tournaments in athletics, the arts, and in academics. For sporting competitions, ISP is now a member of the large schools conference, and we aim to compete in all AASCA sporting competitions each year. Additionally, ISP participates in AASCA competitions in the areas of academics, STEM, drama, and music.

AASCA Calendar 2018-2019




Semester 1 - starting August 2018

These sports are in season for the first (fall) semester of the 2018-2019 school year:
  • Basketball - sub 10, boys and girls
  • Basketball - sub 14, boys and girls
  • Basketball - sub 18, boys and girls
  • Volleyball - MS, co-ed
  • Flag Football - sub 15 - girls
  • Soccer, sub 12, boys and girls
  • Soccer, sub 15, boys
  • Soccer - sub 18/15 girls
  • Swimming - Cadet, ES, boys and girls
  • Swimming - Juniors, MS, boys and girls
  • Swimming - Sr. Juniors, HS, boys and girls
  • Cross Country / Track & Field - MS / HS, boys and girls
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You may want to know

  • Once an athlete is registered in a sport they will have after school transportation service.
  • In case it is raining practices will continue as regular. We may not know when it will stop raining but we will have a plan for the players. They should not return home unless it’s a school decision. Practices and competitions outdoors may be delayed or suspended due to adverse weather. The full “Lightning Protocol” can be found on the Athletics section of the ISP website.
  • Practices on Wednesdays are from 12:45 p.m.—2:45 p.m. After School buses will leave at 3:00 p.m. They may purchase lunch at the Cafeteria.
  • Competitions in Panama City typically take place in the afternoons between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., or on weekends. Some tournaments/meets involve full weekend participation: travel tournaments/meets may involve full weekends and multiple days of missed school.
  • In away games, we coordinate a bus that will take players to the game site with a bus monitora, and then after games buses will take players home.
  • Many private leagues in Panama City involve a cost to student athletes to register and receive a uniform cost. Most private leagues also charge an entry fee for parent and spectators to attend games and this can include games on Campus at ISP.



Download the GO Dolphins APP
GO DOLPHINS is a mobile application that will allow ISP Dolphin fans to check sport events schedule, scores, share photos and videos, receive alerts and notifications, view ISP’s social media accounts, and most importantly, earn points by checking in at events. All of this will be available in the palm of your hand for quick and easy access. 

The app is available for free and is available for download from the Apple iTunes or Google Play online stores by searching "Go Dolphins SuperFanU." Get the app for free on your phone or mobile device, create your account, and start earning points to help us grow and strengthen the ISP Dolphin fan community and spirit! Please be advised that only members of the ISP community may redeem prizes. This includes parents, guardians, and alumni.

Athletics Staff

Matthew MacInnes
Athletics Director

Catalina Restrepo
Competitive Sports
Lightning Protocol 
As a tropical country, in Panama we encounter adverse weather and storms. Please take a look at our lightning protocol for more information
First Semester Practice Schedule: