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Connecting Educators 
In a changing world, creating connections that allow us to share knowledge, skills, techniques, approaches and more, strengthens education for one and all. At ISP we value the importance of reaching out and making these connections that strengthen our practice. Our Learning Institutes give us the unique opportunity to bring educators to continually improve the ways we approach learning at our schools.
Kath Murdoch at ISP
Kath Murdoch
In this practical workshop, participants have the opportunity to clarify their understanding of what it really means to use an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning in the primary / elementary classroom. Over two interactive days, teachers examine the essential elements of inquiry and how these elements can be 'brought to life' through quality planning, use of materials, choice of teaching strategies and interactions with students. Participants explore the conditions that best 'set the scene' for productive inquiry learning and the way in which we can be 'inquiring teachers' throughout our classroom program as well as within the context of inquiry-based 'units of work.' In addition to demonstrating many useful teaching strategies for the inquiring classroom, Kath takes teachers through her widely-used model for planning and teaching inquiry and shows how it can be adapted to builds students' understandings and interdisciplinary skills – particularly in the areas of thinking, collaboration, self-management, research, and communication. Practical examples from a wide range of settings are shared with teachers and they also have the opportunity to frame up plans to use back in their classroom.
Through this workshop, participants will gain:
  • A deeper understanding of how to use inquiry based approaches classroom
  • A broader repertoire of quality teaching strategies and techniques to help build students' skills as inquirers.
  • Greater familiarity with and understanding of a model for designing powerful units of inquiry
  • Strategies for planning and teaching that encourage students to become increasingly independent as inquirers
  • Ideas for assessing growth in students' understandings and skills in the context of inquiry
  • Opportunities for reflection, collaboration and planning
This workshop balances interactive and hands-on methods with opportunities for participants to hear and see examples of inquiry in practice from a range of settings. A combination of individual and collaborative tasks is used over the two days and teachers will benefit from being able to view inquiry in action through photos, video clips and work samples. The emphasis is on the practical however reference to supporting theory and research will be made with further reading available to teachers who wish to follow this up. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own practice throughout the two days using techniques that can also be applied to students. The general atmosphere is non-threatening and engaging and participants are encouraged to discuss and share ideas with each other as they make connections to their classrooms and students.
ISP are proud to host the Tri-Conference 2020