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Board of Directors

As a non-profit school, ISP is governed by a Board of Director. Carrying on the traditions of our founding families, our school board ensures that ISP perpetuates its goal to provide a world-class education to its students, preparing them for success in continued educational endeavors and positive roles in society.
ISP Board of Directors is comprised of 5 elected members and 4 nominated members, each of them, serving for a 3 year term.
Board Members
ISP Board of Directors - School Year 2017-2018
Starting August 21, 2017
Jorge Saa
President and Legal Representative
Lydia Young
Vice President
Soo Young Yoon
William Wcislo
Gerardo Rios
Member at Large
Jaime Claramunt
Member at Large
Augusto Knudson
Member at Large
Jade Newman
Member at Large
Antonio Yanes
Member at Large