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Our Mission is to meet the unique educational, emotional, and social needs of each and every student who walks through our doors. We accomplish this by providing a rich, holistic experience in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility.

Greetings from the elementary school at ISP!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our fantastic school.  While it is the purpose of a school to provide an education to its students, ISP stands out in our approach to how we do this.  As a school founded with a pioneering spirit, we know that everybody who comes into ISP will leave a footprint here and that our path and impact will expand as we go out into the world.  The people we spend time with influence those paths, and the people here at ISP are diverse, inclusive, and dynamic--people who inspire growth in our own selves. 

With four classes at each grade level, our homeroom teachers work together with our specialists and support staff to ensure that we are providing broad and ample opportunities for students to practice and refine the standards and concepts of our curricula.  Just this year a collaborative garden has sprung up in our grade 5 outdoor classroom space and I’ve watched a web of connections being physically woven in yarn by grade 1 students as they learned how we have so many more similarities than differences. These opportunities are not created by chance but are cultivated in the conversations and curricula that we (students, teachers, administrators) engage with on a daily basis.

With a diverse staff who ourselves are educated all over the world (including here in Panama), we bring an array of methodologies and ideas that create an environment for discovery and learning. Combine that with eager students, a supportive physical environment for learning, and a great home country, and we have the opportunity to send ripples throughout the world as our students move up in ISP or out into the world into other schools.

I invite you to spend time looking through our curriculum pages and reading through some of our social media so that you can get snapshots of the adventure and joy that we foster in learning.  

Thank you for your time,


Becky Jobes
Elementary School Principal


Principal: Becky Jobes
Grades Served: 1-5

Assistant Principal: 
Grades Served: 1-5

Raul Alvarado
Counselor Grades 3-5