It's not about me. It's about us.

People at the International School of Panama are family, so we always help each other out. You might not know every kid by name, but you still act as if they are family. And, like any family unit, it's not about each person being the same, it's about us all being on the same page.
"Everyone is respected. Everyone is part of one big family."  Sofie, Grade 3
After only two years at ISP one of our Board Members Catherine Britten and her family had to move away from Panama. They loved ISP so much they wanted to leave behind a gift: a buddy bench. The buddy bench at ISP is a place to make friends. Any student can sit on the bench if they are feeling lonely, and other Elementary School students then take it as a signal to help out their buddy, just by sitting with them for a while before heading off to play together. It's a year since the Brittens have left ISP but they still ask to see pictures of students using the buddy bench. As Isis in Grade 5 puts it: "Friends are like family. You need to care for and respect everyone."
Some may wonder why our mascot is a dolphin, and not a lion, a bear or an eagle. The answer: dolphins swim in pods, are loyal to each other, and depend on their ecosystem to thrive. Once a dolphin, always a dolphin.