Find ways to stand out. That’s how we become outstanding.

School would be boring if everyone was the same. But what makes you different from anyone else isn’t your fingerprint, it’s your character. We put all our energies into nurturing each and every individual in our school.
We also make the most of that diversity by celebrating our different cultures and sharing the knowledge and expertise of all our staff in cross-disciplinary projects.
We're home for many local students who don't fit the more traditional school system here in Panama. Every student can choose to take on a role in a theatre production, sing in the high school musical and take a demanding International Baccalaureate art course that changes their life. Former students who’ve embarked on that journey have gone on to make successful careers in the arts.
But this kind of standout building of character isn't just for the artists in our community. Our students represent ISP and Panama in international competitions for debating, the arts, STEM and athletics. In 2017-18 our Athletic teams returned to Panama with three Sportsmanship trophies from nine competitions across Central America, competing with 23 like-minded schools from six different countries.
There are times when our students struggle with new ways of learning. But we don't let academic considerations get in the way of building character. That's why students and teachers do what they can to cushion the transition from middle to high school. Like our “link leaders”, senior students who make Grade 9 students feel welcome and supported during their first year at high school so they find it easier to learn.