Learning is a lifelong adventure.

We can’t learn everything, but it’s fun trying. At our school, we really enjoy exploring different ways to learn new stuff in and out of the classroom. If learning is to be lifelong, then school is the place where everyone learns to take charge of their own learning.
Like lots of other Grade 4s around the world, Annabelle’s class were learning about  how species adapt to survive environmental threats. But instead of researching a plant or animal like her classmates, Annabelle decided she wanted to know more about  microbiology. She researched a type of single-celled organism called ‘Archaea’, and imagined a chemical defense this species might develop to resist the teeth of its predator, a tiny Flatworm. Annabelle loved exploring something new and unusual, and her teacher put her in touch with a high school science teacher who helped her make sense of it all.
“Stuck in A Flux” is a literary arts magazine created by ISP students back in May 1999. For the past 20 years, this student-run magazine has published features that showcase their artistic abilities: poems, visual art, and short stories. The students edit the magazine, as well as securing the funds for printing and marketing it. The whole thing is by students, for students. Flicking through the past two decades of art shows how big a role the magazine has played in helping students see how far they’ve come as creative people.
Our teachers create experiences that help students learn what they have to, and have memorable experiences with it. Dani DiPietro knows that for her 6th-grade students to understand the solar system, they need to experience the scale of it beyond anything they might see in a textbook. So her students built a massive model of the solar system on the school soccer field, using their mathematical and reasoning skills to mark out the planets and their orbits.