We have a pioneering spirit: every person at our school leaves a footprint.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Today’s ISP is built on the work of the pioneering people who came before us. Tomorrow’s ISP will build on the shoulders of those who are here now. We never stop experimenting, creating the kind of school that others want to follow.
Judy St. Omer, a physical education teacher in the early years at ISP, recalls dark days of driving to school through the streets of Panama dodging protests and piles of burning tires. Arriving at school, she had a few resources and a rocky field to teach her students. But she did it - and did it well.
Today ISP and Panama have grown and prospered. From our enclosed outdoor basketball court, Judy can see the soccer field where she still coaches elementary students. The school now sits on a 9.6 acre campus with two gyms, a weight room, a swimming facility, and a FIFA-approved soccer field. Judy has been a passionately dedicated educator for 27 years. ISP, and its heroes like Judy, are part of the fabric of Panama. That’s what makes us strong.
At ISP, referring to our distinct mascot,  we love to say: ‘Once a dolphin, always a dolphin.’ Our alumni are now enrolling their own kids at ISP because they believe in our founders’ vision. Alvaro Alfaro, class of 1996, used to live next to ISP’s first location in La Cresta. One morning he told his father, as they stood on their balcony, ‘I want to go to that school.’  Alvaro joined the school and then had to leave the country during the Invasion of Panama in 1989. Once things settled down again, Alvaro rejoined the school and graduated in 1996. His father then joined the Board and as a consulting engineer helped plan for and build the new ISP facilities in Cerro Viento. Alvaro went on to university in the United States and returned to teach at ISP in 2004. Alvaro has now enrolled both of his daughters at ISP. They are the first 2nd generation family at ISP, and one of our libraries is named in honor of Alvaro’s father.