We look after the planet, as well as we look after each other.

Every day, we look for ways to eliminate waste and use our resources more effectively. We try to make sure that the mark we leave on our school, and our planet is a positive one, and work to help others in our country to do the same.
One group of ISP students wanted to provide environmental education for other young people in the Panama community who had no access to that kind of learning. The Middle School Director liked the idea and gave it the green light. ‘Eco Leaders’ was born. With support from their teachers and classmates they raised awareness of their environmental project and enough money to fund it.
Today, it’s up and running and growing too because new connections like the Global Issues Network have brought us together with other schools who are working towards the same goal. Now, ISP students provide environmental education activities to kids from all over the city, every Wednesday at the Biomuseum.
Our Eco Leaders are also working for a better school environment. They spearheaded a campaign to ban the use of single-use plastics, especially plastic cutlery and cups. We’ve stopped using these because it’s bad for our oceans but it also encourages the whole community to make sustainable choices.
Where we put on plays or musicals like Les Misérables or Peter Pan, students donate around 10% of ticket sales to causes they care about.  Hogar Maria Guadalupe, a home for teenage mums benefitted from a $1,000 donation from ISP, which they used to turn a small bathroom into one with baths  for their babies. $800 from another production helped a dance school that supports underprivileged youth in Casco  Viejo.
For the past ten years we've worked with organisations to improve the lives of people in our community. Every Christmas, ISP and Fanlyc, the Panamanian association for children with Leukemia and Cancer, lay on a special day to bring festive cheer to 800  babies, children and teenagers.  ISP’s elementary students collect toys for the party and ISP teachers come along to do baking and craft activities. And in October, during Cancer Month the school community take part in a 24-hour  relay to raise money for families who have a child undergoing treatment.