Arts, Athletics & Activities

At ISP students explore their passions beyond the classroom through a vast array of After School Activities (ASAs) and competitive Athletic offerings. Our enduring hope is that the lessons learned in these activities will remain with our students for a lifetime and help to prepare them with an adaptable skill set for the demands of an ever changing workplace. We strongly believe that athletics and ASAs are not separate from the educational process, but rather an integral part of it. 

The Visual and Performing Arts department at ISP offers opportunities for all students to be part of an artistic community. In VAPA we believe that all of our students should be able to participate in an area of interest and passion. 

Every year we produce 2 musicals, one for secondary students (grades 6-12), and another for Elementary students (grades 3-5). This after school experience involves a casting process, however all students that want to participate can participate. We are an all inclusive program. Students are involved with all elements of the production which encompasses musicians, dancers, actors, set designers and builders, technical support and backstage crew. No matter a student’s interest, there is a place for them in VAPA.