We offer the following comprehensive courses and programs from Pre K through 12 grade

Atelier PreK-KG 

At the Atelier, students are invited to figure out and explore many different ways to express themselves through art, music, dance, and theatre.

The Atelierista, as well as the other teachers, recognizes that children are born with thousands of ideas and have hundreds of languages of expression. These languages might include, painting, singing, building, taking apart, acting, dancing or drawing, the possibilities are endless. 





Lower Elementary Music (K-2)

In our music program, based on the inquiry approach, the students in lower elementary develop understanding of the musical concepts through play and through participation in a variety of activities like listening, singing, moving, composing and exploring musical instruments.

Kindergarten students learn to use their voices and small percussion instruments for music making. First grade students utilize the Boomwhakers to develop matching pitch and experience the difference between beat and rhythm. In Second Grade, our students utilize the xylophones. This instrument helps them focus on the students’ role as part of a group with an emphasis on blending and working together.

Upper Elementary Music (3-5) 

In upper Elementary, the students build and develop their musicianship and critical thinking skills by singing, performing on instruments, moving, creating, reading/notating, and analyzing music.

In third grade, the students begin to play the soprano recorder. This gives them an opportunity to develop reading and independent practice skills. In Fourth Grade, students focus on strengthen their sense of community through the drum circle experience. They learn how to work as an ensemble while developing their rhythm skills. In Fifth Grade, the student utilize the ukulele to expand their music knowledge and their creativity. This also gives them an opportunity to explore a string instrument and to be prepared for High School music. At ISP, we are proud for cultivating a life-long enjoyment of curiosity and appreciation for music.

Music in the Middle School

Grade 6:

During the 9 week rotation that Grade 6 students study music, they are introduced to the fundamentals of instrumental music performance and practice.  Through the exploration and practice of an instrument from the brass, percussion, strings, or woodwind families, students gain a deeper understanding of music as a whole in order to make an informed decision for their musical futures. This course is designed to help young musicians gain a beginning level of proficiency on an instrument.  Students will be encouraged to explore previous passions and interests, as well as new learning to develop our musicianship through solos, small groups, and large ensembles. This exploration through rehearsal, personal practice, journal-writing, and research will culminate in performances and projects that celebrate our achievements. 

Grade 7 & 8 Music:

In 7th and 8th grade, students are given the choice to pursue a musical interest in more depth. Through the exploration and practice of performing arts, students gain a deeper understanding of the world as a whole and will develop more advanced artistry. As year long course, students can continue to study a wind, percussion, or string instrument, as well as voice in both individual and ensemble groupings. Students will be encouraged to explore previous passions and interests, as well as new learning to develop artistry through independent work, small group projects, and large ensembles. This exploration through rehearsal, personal practice, journaling, and research will culminate in performances and projects that celebrate student achievement.

High School Music Electives (grades 9-12)

Music as a part of education is important to build self-confidence, concentration, discipline, patience, and coordination. We believe in the idea that students who have worked to improve their own musical skills understand that achievement is built on sustained personal effort and is its own reward.

Symphonic Orchestra

This ensemble course is open to all students wishing to further develop instrumental performance technique in the ensemble setting. Students will have the option to study one woodwind, brass, orchestral percussion, or orchestral string instrument while developing music literacy through formal and informal performance opportunities. A variety of traditional, contemporary, and world music will be studied for performance while students develop their understanding of music literacy, music history, and music theory. 


Open to all high school students with experience in singing. In this year-long course, music studied and performed will be traditional, modern, and mixed choral music from around the world. Musical theory, history, and literacy will also be studied in depth.


Music Industry

This music course is open to all students who are interested in hands-on and real world music learning opportunities. The class will focus on project-based learning assignments related to today’s music industry. Some topics students will explore include; digital music creation, audio recording, music marketing, advertising, booking gigs, planning, creating and organizing events.


This course is an opportunity for any student with any level of experience to explore guitar. Students will play mixed-level repertoire as an ensemble, and be coached independently on playing skills. Students will show their learning in performances and presentations, in addition to learning about analyzing, creating, and connecting to music and related arts.

IB Music: 

The IB Music Course emphasizes inclusive and diverse opportunities to explore, experiment with, create, and perform music within 4 Areas of Inquiry including Music for Sociocultural and Political Expression, Music for Listening and Performance, Music for Dramatic Impact/Movement/Entertainment, and Music Technology in the Electronic and Digital Age. Through these four Areas of Inquiry, students take on the role of researcher, creator and performer.