Transportation - PikMyKid


We are excited to announce that PikMyKid is gaining great traction. Thanks to the 497 parents that have already registered! 

Please remember that starting Monday all PK, ES and MS early dismissal changes and pick up mode changes will be done only through the PikMyKid app. 

We recommend the use of the app for all changes. We want to remind you that only registered parents can make changes on the app, delegates cannot access the info and do not have permission in the app to make any changes to your students schedule.

Important: Even if you have a car tag and if you give the car tag to someone you trust you are still required to assign them as an authorized person in PIkMyKid for us to validate the dismissal. 

Last Thursday January 26, we had a parent virtual training session. You can access the recording here. There is also a PikMyKid Q/A, which is a great resource. You can access the link here.

To download the PikMyKid App for Iphone, please click here.

To download the PikMyKid App for Android, please click here.

Thank you for your continued support as we continue the rollout and please help us spread the word!

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