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Athletics Updates

We are so excited about this new Athletics Season! Our coaches are ready to engage students in motivating, safe, and developmentally appropriate classes and competitions. Visit the Athletics Section in the Veracross Parent Portal to review the practice's starting date and the practice schedule. 

Be ready for ATHLETICS! 

We want our student-athletes to be ready and successful. A few reminders to help set them up for success:

  1. Sportswear is required for Athletics practices. ISP Athletics uniform, PE/POD shirt, sports shorts, and athletic shoes. 
  2. For safety, students should not wear jewelry of any type during Athletics practices. Students are expected to put their jewelry away in a safe place such as in their bag packs in the lockers using their personal lock. 
  3. Make sure to label your students’ belongings with their names, grade levels, and class. 
  4. Take some time to review with your students the Athletics Handbook and discuss the standards of conduct and expectations. 

Student Uniforms Reminder - Students should wear their required uniform (or P.E. uniform) to school every day. ISP sport team uniforms are not a choice during the school day. Students will have the chance to change at the end of the day if they are in an ASA or ATHLETICS. Only blue ISP approved/plain navy sweatshirts/hoodies are permitted.



We encourage you to use the Veracross Portal and visit it on a daily basis the Athletics Section. There you will find important information such as:

  • Athletics Calendar
  • Athletics Uniform
  • Practice schedule
  • Athletics Handbook 


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