The International School of Panama's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) joyfully works throughout the year to build and strengthen connections within our community. Through recognition events and community celebrations, sometimes fundraisers,  We are ISP PTA because we love ISP and feel our time and energy can positively impact our children's experience and education. 

Become a volunteer today
To support the activities the PTA sponsors, we really need your help. Working together, we can truly make a difference at the school and in the lives of our children. Your involvement with the PTA will benefit everyone, but the greatest reward is seeing the smile on your child’s face when you are involved in his/her world. So please join us in making this a successful year!

Come to our Monthly Meetings
Our Parent Teacher Association invites you to the general public monthly meeting, generally held on the the last Tuesday of each month, starting at 4:00 p.m. contact us fore more details
This is a great way to stay up to date on current affairs.

ISP Dolphin Fan Shirts
ISP dolphin fan shirts are now available in the PTA office. Cotton t-shirts are $8 in sizes 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, and 14-16; dry-fit t-shirts are $10 in sizes 18 and 20.
The pink shirt day T-shirt is also available through PTA, it costs $6.00

To join the PTA intercultural group please contact 

PTA Officers

PTA Officers

Gretel Tardio 



Maria da Costa


Vice President

Tatiana Bazo 



Flavia Vilela 


Deputy Treasurer

Claudia Zavala 



Maria Da Costa  


DAC Chairperson

Babs Verhoeve


Sustainability Committee Chairperson

Enibel de Garcia  


Graphic Design Committee Chairperson

Pilar Casas  


Intercultural Group Chairperson

Grecia Spadafora 


Decorations & Design Chairperson

Luz Sainz 


Welcome Wagon Chairperson

Rocío Castellanos


Elementary School Chairperson

Tatiana Bazo


Elementary School Assistant Chairperson

Sissy Landaeta 


Middle School Chairperson

Maria de la Rocha


6th Grade Representative

Claire Peterson


7th Grade Representative

Sissy Landaeta 


8th Grade Representative

Claudia Zavala


High School Chairperson 

Pamela Ugarte 


9th Grade Representative

Claudia Zavala 


10th Grade Representative

Mette Kjeldsen 


11th Grade Representative

Maria Queiroz 


12th Grade Representative

PTA President Valentina O. Accompanied by by Vanessa U. Vice President  and Alessandra A. Deputy Treasury