ISP has complied with all the biosafety requirements to ensure that our students who need extra support can join our in person support program. Following the guidelines established in Decree 25, our classes continue to be taught remotely.

The school operates in this modality through:

Resolution No. 100 of September 11, 2020, the Guide for the establishment of Biosafety Measures for the Reduction of the Risk of Covid-19 contagion was adopted in official and private educational centers in the country

Executive Decree No.25 of January 14, 2021, Articles 2 and 6 schools are allowed to organize support measures for students learning on campus with biosecurity plans approved by both MEDUCA and MINSA.

Both our students and those who make up our work team and parents were instructed in our biosecurity protocols.

In this section you will find tools and content relevant to our in-person program.

Dr. Audrey Menard ISP School Director
Welcomes you to our In-Person Program


Dr. Audrey C. Menard, School Director

Support Videos
New ways to say hi - The Dash Dance
New ways to ride the bus
What's new on campus
New ways to pack your bag
New ways to drop-off
New ways to wash your hands

Wellness Corner
Emotional Wellness

Town Halls
Full Days of learning at ISP
PK Town Hall
ES Town Hall
MS Town Hall
HS Town Hall

ISP Remote Learning Handbook
Link to handbook

Tech Help Center
Working hours: 7:30am - 4:10pm

A tech assistant will contact you via email or Google Hangout chat based on availability.