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HS Digital Photography Class Exhibition

Special thanks to Mr. Hackin

Abstract Photography

Recreation of Master Pieces

ES Visual Art exhibition is here!

Click on the image and enjoy the Artshow

ES End of Year Performances

PK Visual and Performing Arts Performance Playlist

Move Over Older Students, PK is taking the STAGE! 

Pre-Kindergarten students studied how communication comes in many forms and they are excited to share with you what they created!

The 100 Languages project has several components which is influenced by the art of Cruz-Diez. One is The Language of Color component, which looks at the meaning and feelings behind different colors. Students also studied the language of animals and followed the engineering design model to design and create an Earth Day Commercial to communicate to their community about the world they want when they grow up.

Take a few minutes to appreciate these special presentations from our youngest learners at ISP. They may be small in size, but their ideas are BIG! Enjoy the show! 

Today we will focus on communication through Visual Arts:

Many thanks to PK Atelier Ms.Cruz for her creativity and dedication to our youngest artists. Her commitment to art education knows no bounds. 

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VAPA Formal Music Concert

ISP Vapa is proud to present our 2020 Formal Virtual Music Concert. Band, Strings and Guitar students have been working hard all year to present their learning for you today. Special thank you to the VAPA team for all of their efforts in making this possible. Enjoy the show!

ISP HS Performing Ensembles Spring 2020 Formal Music Concert Playlist

Enjoy a little sunshine from our amazing performing arts teachers.

Check out the Women Unite High School Painting and Drawing Exhibition.

Special thank you to Ms. Faulkner for her support and guidance of our creative HS students. 

Artsfest is coming up this Saturday, May 9

IB Art & Music Collaboration: Confinement

‚ÄčIB Visual Art & Music Students collaborated on a creative project to honor the end of their senior year. Music submissions also include works by staff, alumni, and a future IB Music student. All participants were invited to respond to the word "Confinement" and create an original composition or artwork. These works were exchanged and the process began again, this time in response to the image or audio received.

Art Comes From Music

Music Comes From Art

Grade 6 Mini Showcase - April 2020




ES Virtual Art Gallery

March 2020

Elementary Music and Drama Presentations are coming up!

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