Welcome to the Office of Teaching and Learning!

The Office of Teaching and Learning represents ISP's investment and commitment to our continued growth, support, and improvement. Our office is an inter-divisional group of educators who collaborate with teachers, staff, and administrators to ensure we are meeting ISP Strategic Plan’s academic excellence goal. Through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) integration, math coaching and enrichment, and devoted curriculum planners at both the elementary and secondary levels, the Office of Teaching and Learning supports purposeful, engaging, and connected teaching and learning across the school. In collaboration with all staff members, we support the idea of “Learning is a lifelong adventure.”

    Academic Excellence

The International School of Panama sets a high academic standard. A challenging curriculum and highly qualified teachers have made ISP a leading school in Latin America. Our curriculum is designed to meet the educational program needs of both the expatriate and host-country communities and residents in Panama. ISP works in conjunction with the authority of MEDUCA, the Panamanian Ministry of Education, AdvancED our accreditation agency, and the International Baccalaureate Organization, to ensure our students receive the finest education. The language of instruction is English, and students who do not speak English as their first language receive additional support through our Department of Student Services.


We hire great teachers, and when they leave ISP, they are even better!

At ISP, we believe continuous learning is an essential, life-long adventure. As a school, in order to inspire our students to be conscientious inquirers, we as professionals must be continuously committed to developing the skills and knowledge necessary to best serve our students. All educators have the right and the obligation to improve their practice. Professional Learning is a shared investment by ISP and our staff. These understandings frame our commitment to our growth and development, making professional learning an essential core component of who we are.

ISP is committed to developing and sustaining a culture of professional learning. To this end, the school employs a comprehensive PL model that embraces the importance of job-embedded support, cooperative workshops, professional dialogs and observations, inquiry and growth-oriented appraisal process, online training, and off-site experiences. Many of these approaches are driven by the divisions (ES, MS, HS) through common planning times, faculty meetings, in-service days, etc. Our community supports Professional Learning by providing early release of students on Wednesday afternoons allowing for extended learning times for staff. The faculty is also supported through the Office of Teaching and Learning, emphasizing curriculum coordination and coaching. Individual staff members may apply for Professional Learning Funds to support their own identified area of educational growth or interest.