Elementary School

Joyce Mininger Elementary School Principal jmininger@isp.edu.pa

Welcome Message From Principal

Rooted in our mission, values, and recognizing #thereisnoplacelikeISP, our elementary school boasts an inquiry model that allows students to explore, investigate, and dig deeply into their learning. Curricular units are designed to provide voice, choice, and real-world application in all areas of learning. STEM integration, daily Spanish instruction, field trips that honor and explore Panamanian culture, after school activities in athletics and Visual & Performing Arts allow students to truly experience this unique and incredible place while tapping into their gifts and intellectual curiosity.


Drama in the Elementary School

Drama is an invaluable part of the ISP curriculum which promotes students' confidence and self-expression. Using drama, students learn through their own experience and through the experiences of others, develop confidence in their verbal and non- verbal communication, and practice collaboration. Drama provides young people with a chance to practice self- regulation, while developing a different way of "knowing" themselves and the world around them. Formal and informal opportunities to perform are built into the curriculum.