Spanish is the second language at ISP. We know that some students will be native speakers in Spanish and others may never have spoken before coming to ISP. Through careful differentiation, students participate in a variety of activities that support different learning styles and rates. These might include role-playing, rhymes, songs, games, reading stories or factual texts, filming, recording, dictations, puzzles, projects, videos, computer-based learning or interactive whiteboard lessons. In Panama, we celebrate Mes de la Patria and the Spanish department takes an active role in organizing the festivities. 

Our Spanish as an Additional Language program is based on the belief that communication is key. SAL teachers stress the importance of both productive (speaking, writing) and receptive (listening, reading) language skills, with emphasis placed on understanding and being understood. 

As students progress through the SAL program, they begin to focus increasingly on academic aspects of the Spanish Language. Eventually, this prepares students either to join their native-level peers in Spanish literature courses or to excel in the IB Diploma's Language Acquisition offerings.  For a full description of our secondary SAL offerings please see our SAL Curriculum.