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At ISP, students are encouraged to take full advantage of our many offerings to become lifelong learners prepared for a future without borders.


Students enrolled in the High School section at ISP are provided with an education that inspires them to reach their full potential. At ISP, students are encouraged to take full advantage of our many offerings to become lifelong learners prepared for a future without borders. This is accomplished by providing multiple pathways that serve the needs of a multicultural community. We offer the International Baccalaureate diploma and certificate pathway, the Innovation & Entrepreneur Certificate (IEC) pathway, and/or the MEDUCA diploma, all as part of achieving the ISP Diploma. Instruction in all our courses is provided in English (except Spanish classes). 





Hello, Hola, Zdravstvuyte, Nǐn hǎo, Salve, Konnichiwa, Guten Tag, Olá, Anyoung haseyo, Asalaam alaikum, Goddag (there are so many more)

Welcome back to ISP and to the 2020-2021 school year. The beginning of this year really brings awareness to the idea that ISP is an INTERNATIONAL school. We have families spread all around the globe as we begin the year. Students and teachers are working in many different time zones as they await their return to Panama. The mission and vision of ISP mention the enriched environment of a multicultural community and the impact of global citizenship. We are really living those two phrases as we begin the school year.

I want to emphasize that as an educational institution, ISP is committed to helping all our students progress towards reaching their full potential and that does not change just because we begin the year remotely. The faculty and staff have dedicated 100s of hours in preparation for meeting the students, greeting the students, caring for the students, and sharing with the students, all to enhance their education. Where the education takes place may change, but the commitment to excellence by our faculty has not. I am very proud of the creativity and passion they have shown in anticipation of this year.

Change – change – change. We live in an ever-changing world that is now dealing with the effects of a global pandemic. As a school, we are working to prepare for the eventual return to the campus and face-to-face instruction. This work will be taking place alongside the day-to-day operations of education. It will not be a disruption or a distraction to the work done each day as students and teachers collaborate in the classroom. As we begin to see the potential return to the ISP campus, we will also be sharing as much information to all stakeholders to help everyone stay informed. In all decisions, the health and wellbeing of our students, families, faculty, and staff will be paramount.

Each night as I close the day, I ask for compassion, patience, and wisdom as I meet the challenges of my job. To lead the high school division through this strange beginning, and exciting school year full of unknowns and opportunities, it is important for me to have those three qualities. I would remind everyone that as a community, ISP is going to be doing its very best to navigate the uncertainty. Please demonstrate patience, be compassionate, and assume positive intent, as decisions are made and shared. IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR - IF WE WANT IT TO BE MAKE IT GREAT!

I look forward to the day we can return and see the sparkle in each student’s eyes, but until them I will cherish the time online working with students, families, and staff. Thank you for being a member of the ISP community. I hope you and your family stay healthy and enjoy your time at ISP.


Eric Monson,
High School Principal


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