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Students and staff gather to draw a giant 40 on the ISP field.

Welcome to ISP High School! I am honored to serve a community dedicated to nurturing young minds and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

ISP’s mission is to “inspire and challenge every learner to reach their full potential and to become curious, independent, and compassionate citizens of the world.” This mission forms the cornerstone of ISP’s High School educational philosophy and guides everything we do.

In the High School, we believe that every student has the potential to thrive within their academic passions: in the IB Diploma Program, with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, or with unique offerings from the Global Online Academy. Being a member of the ISP HS learning community ensures that your child's educational journey will be both enriching and fulfilling. We encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, fostering a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

High School is also a time for students to embark on journeys of growth, exploration, and discovery with myriad extracurricular activities such as PANAMUN, iGem Competition, Near Space Balloon Launch, drama and musical productions, soccer, swimming, volleyball, and Robotics competitions, among many others. The ISP High School community strives to nurture belonging, relationships, and connections in our Advisory program and in all of our interactions.

I look forward to a year filled with academic achievements, personal development, and memorable experiences. I will support all High School students to thrive and succeed. Go, Dolphins!



At ISP, students are encouraged to take full advantage of our many offerings to become lifelong learners prepared for a future without borders.

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Francesca Mulazzi
HS Principal

Kristen Ferren
Assistant Principal for Academic Innovation
IB Coordinator  

Luiz Mello
Assistant Principal for Student Wellbeing


Jennifer Tassell

Dave Lalonde

Eleonora Raviglione



High school students are encouraged to be inquirers. We strive to engage learners into creating their own learning experiences. With the IB Diploma Programme as the cornerstone of our programming, students in grades 9 and 10 and provided learning opportunities to prepare them for success as they progress through ISP.

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