HS Assessment


At its heart, the ISP High School believes that a grade should represent a student’s ability to demonstrate what they know and be a consistent measurement of the student’s ability to meet and/or exceed the standards set by the school.   To that end, the High School Assessment Policy balances two things:  Progress and Growth. We allow for a student to show growth along a semester or year, while also insisting that the overall progress of the class not be affected.  An ISP High School student will be allowed, at teacher discretion, to reassess work that doesn’t meet the standard.  

Students who do not attempt the standard will be given an incomplete for that assessment due to lack of evidence, and if enough incompletes are accumulated the student will be given an incomplete for the course.  We recognize that a one size fits all model does not meet the needs of our diverse learning population and as we mandate teachers to differentiate in their delivery of instruction and individual assessment, we also clearly lay out in this policy how we expect the overall assessment policy to reflect that students learn at their own pace and are able to demonstrate what they know in different ways.

Some work was done by a K-12 Assessment Policy group based on the objectives laid out in the ISP Strategic Plan to move to Standards-Based Grading and Reporting.  This document is a bridge between current practices and future ones.