HS Curriculum

As a learning community we - students and teachers - take risks to explore new ideas and ways to learn, every day and in every class. Students are at the center of our purpose, and decisions are centered around what is best for students to help them reach their potential. The faculty is dedicated to helping students succeed, both in the classroom and in clubs or activities around the school. The High School section at ISP is a comprehensive school providing opportunities for students to grow and develop their talents and interests.

Although we are a community of learners at ISP, we want to stretch our borders and have students expand and apply their learning beyond the boundaries of our campus. We seek out innovative ways to contribute to the well-being of others in our larger community and beyond. Service learning is a major component of many programs at ISP. The IB Diploma, IEC, and MEDUCA diploma require service as a component of their pathway. Students at ISP exceed the requirements for service and look after the planet as they look out for each other.

We promote positive character traits and the proper attitude and mindset for learning, to assist students in reaching their potential. We want out students to be Authentic, Principled, Compassionate, Adventurous, Joyful, and Independent. Through our Advisory program, and constant character messaging from the administration, student expectations are positively reinforced throughout the year.


Highschool curriculum