HS English


The High School English Department at ISP strives to help students develop the reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills that they will need need for success in all post-secondary endeavors.

Throughout the path through Secondary English, students will:

Engage in literary criticism of different texts from various genres, time periods, authors, geographic regions, and writing styles.

Develop presentation skills in a variety of different settings.

Refine the academic writing skills necessary for college.

Use creative writing for both self-expression and to engage in a deeper understanding of a text.

Students will build on the skills developed in Middle School to tackle more complex analysis, writing, and research in the 9th and 10th grades.  All 9th and 10th grade courses are designed to help prepare students for either our IB Program or our IEC program.

Grade 9 English

Media Studies

Storytelling techniques and analysis

Analysis of visual texts

Persuasion and rhetorical devices

Research project


Historical Fiction - Modern Novel

Explore contextual appreciation of literature

Research skills

Recognition of primary and secondary sources


Research skills

Recognition of primary and secondary sources


Writing Workshop


Creative composition

Poetry and Comparison

Poetry terminology

Annotation and analysis skills

Comparative essay

Drama (Shakespeare)

Comparison of varied textual interpretations

Awareness of subtext

Literary and stage vocabulary

Reading workshop

Literary analysis

Character analysis

Analysis of context and authorial intent

Visual presentation of the novel


Character progression

Analytical essay

Grade 10 English


Oral and written analysis

Review of poetic terminology

The sonnet

Non-fiction excerpts and short fiction

Discussion and intro to argument and persuasion

Prose analysis strategies


Review drama terminology

Comparative writing

Novel and fiction

Applying novel terminology

Contemporary and classic novels

Intro to novel-reading process for analysis

Research and reflective writing


Novel-film comparison

Intro to film terminology

Capstone Project

English 10 Advanced Literature and Writing


Literary commentary

Classic novel

Literary analysis


Introduction to literary criticism


Comparative writing


Essays and non-fiction 

Literary analysis

Writing creative fiction and non-fiction

Multi-disciplinary capstone research project

Research presentation

Contemporary novel

Literary analysis


Creative presentation

IB Literature

Literature and film

Comparison between text and film

Individual oral presentation

Works in translation

Analysis of the impact of culture and context on literature

Written assignment

Detailed study (non-fiction, poetry, and fiction)

A comparative study of three different genres

Individual oral commentary

Literary genres (prose and fiction short stories)

Literary analysis

Literary commentary

Comparative writing

IB assessment (paper 1, paper 2)

IB Language and literature 

Language and culture in context

Analyze how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts

Analyze the impact of language choices

Demonstrate an awareness of how language and meaning are shaped by culture and context

Literature text and contexts

Study of a novel through the lens of various contexts that build up the text

Language in cultural context

Study of how language and culture are intertwined

Study of how language constructs cultural awareness

Mass media and communication 

Study of a variety of media forms that define our culture and analysis of the language written

IB skills and writing production

IB Assessments (paper 1, 2)

Composing first two written tasks

English 11 and 12

Interpersonal communication skills

Active listening

Gender and communication

Communication skills for teens

Public speaking 1


Verbal communications

Poetry, short stories, and drama


Creative writing






Analyzing contributions to humanity

Public speaking 2

College applications/interviews

Job interview skills

Business writing

Written communication skills

Language and social media & advertising

Examining social media

Poetry, short stories and drama

Analysis and creative writing