HS Math

In the HS Math Department, we use the Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) as our primary resource for grades 9-10, which is a concept-based approach aligned to the common core standards that allow for inquiry and investigation. It focuses on conceptual understanding, supported by factual knowledge and procedural facility. 

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program is a challenging two-year curriculum in grades 11 and 12, designed to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world. The CCSS is aligned with the IBDP: https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/digital-tookit/country-specific-materials/common-core-math-en.pdf

Even though both curricula interact functionally and effectively, the key elements for the successful student learning are the inquiry teachers who introduce effective questioning which provokes deep level thinking and provides opportunities for students to engage in exploration, inquiry and gain a conceptual understanding of mathematics. The students are encouraged to actively engage in tasks that have been carefully designed to help them deepen and connect their mathematical knowledge. They will enhance their understanding through discourse with peers as they share their ways of seeing the mathematics connected to the real world.

The HS math teachers develop and use high quality common diagnostic and formative assessments to provide the information and data needed to guide instruction, differentiate learning, and inform student understanding and progress.




Math 12

Quadratic functions and equations

Functions and inverse functions

Number and Algebra

Number and Algebra 

Geometry -  Triangles, Parallel lines, Parallelograms, Similarity, and Congruence

Logarithmic, polynomial, rational and trigonometric functions


Set theory and Probability

Right triangle Trigonometry

Modelling with both functions and geometry

Geometry and Trigonometry

Geometry and Trigonometry

Introduction to Probability

Statistics with a focus on the normal distribution

Statistics and Probabilities

Statistical applications



Introduction to differential calculus.