Innovation & Entrepreneurship Diploma

A Diploma for Tomorrow's World

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Diploma (IEDiploma) is a new two-year pathway to graduation that ISP will start offering to students in 11th grade starting in SY 24-25. This empowering programs develops essentials skills and knowledge, while cultivating mindsets and authentic projects needed for tomorrow's change agents. It responds to a growing need to prepare our students for an increasingly unpredicatble job market.

The program is launched in partnership with The University of Iowa, University of Delaware and Syracuse University, and it enables students to earn college credit during their time at ISP.  

How will students obtain this Diploma?

Many of the courses were designed in partnership with three leading universities in business entrepreneurship and innovation. 

For the courses that are dual enrollment, students will be completing college-level courses rather than high school courses with college-level content. 

The required courses are:

Year 1
  • Innovation Lab (UI)
  • From Ideas to Action (UD)
  • Persuasive Communication (SU)


Year 2
  • Leadership and Innovation Capstone (UD) 
  • Entrepreneurship Essentials (UD)
  • Professional Writing

Students that chose to enroll in this program may also opt for IB Certificates. However, it is not possible to enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma simultaneously. 

Our Team

Bill Hatcher

Innovation and Technology Coordinator

Jose Rios

Physical Computing and Robotics Teacher

Allwyn Bryner

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teacher

Lee Zantua

High School Technology TeacherĀ