ISP students will build a strong foundation of STEM literacy to equip themselves with the skills necessary to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Innovation and Technology Coordinator Bill Hatcher


As a school we define STEM learning as the “application of science and mathematics concepts and technological skills, to engineer solutions to problems”. 

Fundamentally, we view STEM as the process through which students build and create solutions to problems. 

Bill Hatcher, Innovation Coordination 

STEM Pathways

IEC Certification

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate (IEC) is a two-year pathway open to all students who have a passion to develop a social entrepreneurial mindset and become innovators and changemakers. Throughout both years of the program emphasis is placed on authentic experiences including potential internships, service learning, social entrepreneurship and community engagement. ISP partners with the University of Iowa to offer three college level credits to eligible IEC students. 

Our Team

Physical Computing and Robotics
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Coordinator
High School Technology Teacher
Students building competition vex robot.