MS Curriculum


At ISP, we know that every child is different and that it is our responsibility to support each and every student in their own journey through the formative years of adolescence. We accomplish this goal by focusing on the academic, social, and emotional development of each child, and through an emphasis in four key areas:

Advisory program

As a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, the advisory program supports a holistic approach to education in middle school. The role of a Middle School teacher is an important one during this developmental stage. Through our advisory program we work to emphasize the CASEL competencies through the core standards of the International School Counseling Association including the explicit teaching of academic behaviors, strategies for personal and social well being, global perspectives, and career exploration. By incorporating elements from Responsive Classrooms and Restorative Justice we work to ensure that students see mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Students also learn and practice digital citizenship skills through our partnership with Common Sense Media.

The Middle School community is committed to standards-based learning, and focuses on the foundational skills that students will need to be successful in High School and the world beyond. Each course has a course overview document that contains:

  • Know, Understand, Do (KUD) - An overview of the content and skills that students will need to know in that class by the end of a given grade level.
  • Transferable Skills Rubrics - A common rubric for that course used in 6th - 8th grade to provide feedback on essential skills, and help students identify where they are in the learning process.



Middle School Curriculum