MS Curriculum

Learning in the Middle School

We are all individuals, but we come together as a middle school faculty for a singular purpose: to support and guide students at this uniquely spirited age. Academics are rigorous here, but they are balanced by a holistic approach that includes a robust advisory program, exploration of a variety of artistic and creative pursuits, and real-world connected project-based learning driven by student-led inquiry. We encourage students to be adventurous and joyful in their learning as they gain essential life skills such as self-advocacy and autonomy.

Students receive instruction in the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, and physical education as well as enrichment courses in the arts and various electives. Curriculum in each subject is based on U.S. and internationally recognized standards and utilizes 21st-century learning techniques and curriculum resources. 

Students at ISP Middle School enjoy a wealth of opportunities and options to extend learning beyond the classroom walls by participating in athletics programs and the visual and performing arts. Additional program enhancements at ISP Middle School include, among others:

- Opportunities for building global awareness through service learning and model united nations.

- A certified STEM program, supported by classroom teaching and full-time technology integrationist.

- Visual and performing arts offerings including theater, band, strings, chorus, painting and ceramics.

- Experiential learning in our beautiful host country of Panama.

Advisory program

As a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, the advisory program supports a holistic approach to education in the middle school. The role of a Middle School teacher is an important one during this developmental stage. Through our advisory program and our classes we work to emphasize positive messages about self-esteem and peer relationships. Informed by resources from Responsive Classrooms, our weekly focus is on To-Do Tuesday, Thoughtful Thursdays and Fun Fridays.

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