MS Social Studies

Social studies in the middle school at ISP takes a thematic approach to a wide range of content, ranging from geography in grade 6 to ancient civilizations in grade 7 to comparative global studies in grade 8. In addition to content and themes, the curriculum focuses on analysis, communication, and critical thinking in an inquiry rich environment. Global issues, current events and parliamentary procedure via Model United Nations are also incorporated.

Course Overview Middle School Social Studies 





Semester 1


Geography of North America

(Theme: Environment)

Human Origins in Africa – Neolithic Age

(Theme: Change and resources)

Ancient Greece

(Theme: Disparity and equity)

South America

(Theme: Conflict/Interdependence)


(Theme: Power)

Early Religions of the World

(Theme: Diversity)


(Theme: Cooperation)

Egypt and the Middle East, Phoenicia and Ancient Israel

(Theme: causality)

Ancient Rome

(Theme: Cooperation)

Semester 2



(Theme: Culture, diversity, globalization)

Persia and India

(Theme: Consumption)

Comparative governments of Ancient Civilizations (Theme: Governance)


(Theme: Civilization)

Ancient China

(Theme: Trade)

Middle Ages

(Theme: Globalization)

Australia and Oceania

(Theme: Perspective)

Maya, Aztec, Inca

(Theme: Sustainability)

Global Conflict

(Theme: Power)