Learning is maximized when bodies and minds are nourished.
We provide students with nutritious, balanced meals to keep them fueled .

We strive to offer a variety of healthy and nutritional options for meals and snacks while consciously giving our international community the opportunity to taste foods from around the globe. We source high-quality local foods that are carefully prepared by our highly qualified personnel lead by our Chef, Jalil Mendoza.

Cafeteria Services

Our Cafeteria serves grades K-12 in a sustainable and cashless environment, free of refined sugars, unhealthy fats and provides a wide variety of meals to cater to our community's preferences and restrictions. The Cove provides a warm space for students to relax and enjoy their meals and friends, while seniors have their own lounge designed for their lifestyle.

We serve breakfast, snacks, and hot lunches as well as salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. We serve all cafetorium meals á la carte.  

Using the Cafeteria

Take a look at our new cafeteria!

Students line up in the cafeteria to order food.