Learning is maximized when bodies and minds are nourished.
We provide students with nutritious, balanced meals to keep them fueled .

We strive to offer a variety of healthy and nutritional options for meals and snacks while consciously giving our international community the opportunity to taste foods from around the globe. We source high-quality local foods that are carefully prepared by our highly qualified personnel lead by our Chef, Jalil Mendoza.

Cafeteria Services:

Our Cafeteria serves grades K-12. (PK students must bring their snacks or lunch.) 

We serve breakfast, snacks, and hot lunches as well as salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. We serve all cafetorium meals á la carte.  The meals cost between $4.85USD and $5.10USD per day per menu.

Using the Cafeteria

Take a look at our new cafeteria!

Our new elementary cafeteria is coming up soon!